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Getting Started

Walkthrough Guide#

We wrote a walkthrough guide to help you get started and plan your first trade.


Kollider is currently in alpha mode.

Settlement Types#

Kollider offers traders the ability to trade perpetuals with up to 100x leverage using either a cash balance or an order-by-order settlement system.

Order-By-Order Settlement#

The best way to think about order-by-order settlement is: having the ability to send your collateral or margin requirement at the same time as placing an order.

Kollider uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network to allow a trader to pay a Lightning invoice to enter, update margin or exit a position using their own Lightning Network wallet of choice.

With the Lightning Network, transactions are processed nearly instantly and with very low transaction fees.

Order-By-Order Settlement allows a trader to#

  • Instantly transfer extra margin to a position to avoid liquidation
  • Allocate capital efficiently: only allocate the capital required for an open position
  • Never miss an opportunity by funding and opening positions directly from your own wallet of choice
  • Dramatically reduce counterparty risk

Cash Balance Settlement#

A trader has the option to maintain a balance with Kollider in addition or as an alternative to using the order-by-order settlement system. After signing in, deposit and withdrawal options are available under the user dashboard. Currently, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are supported via either on-chain transactions or the Lightning Network.

How can I trade from a wallet that supports the Lightning Network?#

The easiest way to start trading is by using one of the many available Bitcoin wallets that support the Lightning Network. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Wallet NamePlatformAuthentication Support
BlixtAndroid iOSYes
Blue WalletAndroid iOS macOS
BreezAndroid iOSYes
MuunAndroid iOS
PhoenixAndroid iOSYes
Wallet of SatoshiAndroid iOS
ZapAndroid iOS macOS Linux Windows
Zebedee WalletAndroid iOS
ZeusAndroid iOS

In-Browser Wallets#

A browser wallet allows you to trade directly from your browser, make instant transactions, and authenticate within your browser at lightning fast speed.

Browser WalletsBrowser Support
AlbyFirefox Chrome

Advanced users who operate their own self-hosted Bitcoin and Lightning Nodes can connect directly to one of our nodes. Please contact us if you are interested in connecting directly.