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Quick Setup Guide to Kollider’s API v1#

Our API v1 is out! Getting set up is very simple.


First thing’s first, register or log into Kollider.

Go to the Dashboard#

You’ll see a link on the Dashboard on the top-right corner. If you don’t see it immediately, try expanding the window size.

Go to the Developer Settings#

Find this on the bottom-left corner of the dashboard.

Generate a Key#

It might be a good idea to give your initial key the least amount of permission needed, which is the ViewOnly.

For reference, this is what each level allows:

  • ViewOnly - view all of the data and your orders, but it does not let you send orders out for trading
  • Trade - everything ViewOnly can do + send, modify, and cancel orders
  • Transfer - everything Trade and ViewOnly can do + deposit and withdraw using the API key

Store Your Credentials Securely.#

You will get a key and a secret. You will only see the secret at this time, so make sure to store it somewhere secure. The API key, secret, and passphrase are not stored on our servers and are only shown to you once, so again please make sure you store them securely now.

That’s it! You can now try your API key. If you want to just get started, you can use these for educational purposes (we can’t guarantee anything about this, so please use with caution!).

In the Example Market Maker, you will see a config.yaml where you can input your API credentials.

api_secret: ""
api_passphrase: ""
ws_url: ""
rest_url: ""