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About Us

What is Kollider?#

Kollider is a company that build tools and services to make financial markets available to everyone, across borders, instantly and simply using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

Kollider Exchange is the world's first Lightning-native derivatives exchange. We leverage Bitcoin’s Lightning network to allow users to instantly open and close positions directly to and from their Lightning wallets with minimal fees. Users don’t need to make deposits in advance or pre-fund accounts, allowing them to take on minimal custodial risk and receive instant settlement. Kollider offers the fastest and easiest trading experience of any Bitcoin derivatives exchange.

Kollider Wallet is a simple and easy-to-use browser extension wallet for Lightning Network and Nostr. Users of Kollider Wallet can easily take advantage of all the features that Lightning and Nostr have to offer— including Lightning Addresses, Lightning Login, Nostr key management, easy in-browser payments, and much more.

Kollider Wallet integrates directly with Kollider Exchange to offer users access to native stablecoins. Users can peg all or a part of their Bitcoin balance to a fiat currency using synthetic stablecoins created with Kollider derivatives. They can easily spend from and deposit into any balance and swap directly between them.

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