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Kollider Wallet

Kollider Wallet Overview#

Kollider Wallet is a Lightning Network wallet designed to offer industry-leading user experience.

Our wallet is an easy-to-use browser extension that works seamlessly with Kollider Exchange and has native integration of our synthetic stablecoins. Users can easily peg all or part of their Bitcoin balance to a fiat currency, swap into and out of differnet currencies, and spend from any of their balances on Lightning Network.

Kollider Wallet offers the ability to send and receive, interact with Lightning applications, sign in to applications using Lightning Login and much more.

Download Kollider Wallet#

You can download Kollider wallet for Chrome or chromium based browsers and Firefox here.

Kollider Wallet Features#

Kollider Wallet is jam-packed with features that allow users to take advantage of everything that the Lightning Network and Nostr have to offer.

Native Stablecoins#

Kollider Wallet allows you to hold balances in BTC, USD, and EUR. These synthetic stablecoins are created using hedged positions on Kollider Exchange. We take care of the hedging and exchange interactions on the back end, so you can easily denominate some portion of your funds in fiat but use that balance for apps, services, and purchases with Lightning.

Currency Swaps#

Easily swap between balances and convert from one currency to another, without ever leaving the app!

Lightning Login (LNURL-auth)#

Kollider enables Lightning Login, a simple and secure single sign-on protocol that allows you to login to Lightning app and services with your Kollider Wallet. Instead of creating an account with an email and password, simply click a QR code and authenticate with Kollider Wallet to instantly sign in.


The wallet connects seamlessly to WebLN-enabled Lightning applications, meaning no copy & paste and no QR codes.

Lightning Addresses#

Lightning Addresses allow you to send money to any Lightning user with human-readable account names. Every Kollider Wallet user is automatically given a Lightning Address, so you can send and receive funds using this protocol.

Fast and Easy Payments#

Kollider Wallet makes sending payments over the internet as fast, cheap, and smooth as possible. Simply click a Lightning invoice, confirm in the app, and send money to anyone on the network instantly.

Lightning App Directory#

Explore some of our favorite Lightning Apps in the wallet’s directory.

Nostr Key Management#

You can import or generate Nostr keys and store them in Kollider Wallet. This allows you to easily login to and use Nostr web clients (and send payments and zaps) directly from the wallet.

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