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Position Management

Opening a position#

The Lightning Network Switch
Throughout Kollider's frontend you'll see a 'Instant switch'. When toggled in the on position, it indicates the lightning network will be used. When toggled in the off position, it indicates a trader's cash balance will be used.

Choosing products#

To open a position, first select your desired trading pair.

Placing an order#

After selecting a trading pair, you can select your direction (choose between Buy/Long or Sell/Short trades).

Then input your desired quantity and leverage.

To use the Lightning Network to open or close positions, ensure the instant slider is toggled on. If the toggle remains unselected, it will require you to prefund a trading account via a deposit first.

After selecting the order button with the instant slider toggled on, you will be shown a Lightning Network invoice to pay. Pay the invoice by either scanning the QR code with your Lightning Network wallet of choice or copy the invoice manually to pay with your own node.

When the invoice has been paid, your order will be executed.

If you did not select the 'instant' toggle, your cash balance on Kollider will be used.
If a Market or Limit order is filled, your open position will appear under the 'Positions' tab of the trading table.

Limit orders that have not been filled will be shown in the 'Open Orders' tab and visually shown with an arrow in the order book.

Closed trades are visible in the 'Trades' tab.

Changing Margin#

With the Lightning Network, you can increase (or decrease) the margin amount of a position instantly. Select 'Change Margin', choose your action (add or remove margin), and enter the amount of Satoshis you would like to add to your position's margin amount. By selecting the 'Add Margin' button, a Lightning Network invoice will appear. Once paid, the margin of your position will be updated.

Closing a position#

A position can be closed with either a market or limit order. Any RPNL can instantly be sent directly back to a trader's wallet at the time of position closure using a Lightning Network invoice. Alternatively, a trader can choose to close a position and leave a balance on Kollider for withdrawal at a later time.