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Using Kollider Wallet

Download and Install Kollider Wallet#

You can download Kollider wallet for Chrome or chromium based browsers and Firefox here.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Kollider Wallet, simply create an account with a username and password. Your username will automatically create an Lightning Address for your wallet that you can use to send and receive payments.

Make sure to store your password somewhere secure. We recommend using a strong password manager like Bitwarden or Dashlane.

Deposits and Withdrawals#

Kollider Wallet supports both Lightning Network and on-chain deposits.

Simply click the BTC button, select receive, and select which method you’d like to use. A Lightning invoice or on-chain address will be generated, which you can then use to deposit BTC.

You can also deposit directly into your stablecoin balances using Lightning.

To withdraw, simply use the “send” feature to send from your preferred balance. You can paste an invoice or send directly to a Lightning Address.


In-app swaps can be made through the swaps tab. Simply select the balances you’d like to swap between, enter an amount, and click swaps. Your balances will be updated immediately.